BIOTOPE’s third year anniversary
BIOTOPE was founded on this day, three years ago. There have been big changes also in this third year.
1. Redesigned company website

The concept of BIOTOPE started out at the beta stage, but after three years we have found the base ideals, worldview and methodologies that we as a company want to value. Since we can be said to have finally grown up, we have reformed both our website and our brand logo.
BIOTOPE is a co-creative strategic design firm that blows life into each individual’s imagination and vision by rethinking businesses and organizations as living organisms. Our new tagline is “Become yourself”. Our basic approach remains the same: we support people in giving shape to their visions from a design, business and engineering perspective, and involve their own and other organizations in implementing their vision in reality. But we do not simply create something new from scratch. Instead, we value the history of the individual and the organization, and give shape to their latent imagination. This process produces something new that belongs solely to that person or organization. We put a high value on supporting in this process of carving out the buddha statue that is already inside a piece of wood, which results in the creation of something organic, long-lasting and unique. The tagline “Become yourself” is our attempt at putting this creator philosophy into words.
The company name has been changed from “biotope” to “BIOTOPE” in all caps, in part to represent that the company has grown up. We will always be a kuroko, the stage assistants of kabuki theater that dress in all-black. But we wish to be professional kuroko that are also active in a global context. The color black represents the pursuit of true essence. We have created a logo that expresses our role as a kuroko that pursues true essence, and works as an intermediary, in an ecosystem.
2. More members

In addition to strategic designers/creative catalysts and designers, we have put together a new engineering team. We have started up many in-house laboratory projects, and are improving our capability to make realistic prototypes. We now have almost 10 full-time members, and including temporary members our organization consists of 25 people. One of our members has moved to Berlin, so we now also have a presence in Europe.
3. New office

We are still in Futako-Tamagawa, but have moved to a new office. Our new office is on the 5th floor, by a terrace with a beautiful view of Kaminoge’s green space and Gotoh Museum. Please do come and visit.
Starting out as a company that hardly knew how to walk, we have come a long way. That we have managed to get this far is thanks to the support of all our partners and clients. This year, we hope to take on more overseas projects, and more opportunities to focus some themes to proactively realize the future visions. In addition to topics that we have worked with over the years, such as IT, electronics and cars, we have lately been expanding to the worlds of sports, food and drink, and outer space. In particular, we wish to actively work on supporting the creators of culture.
The new BIOTOPE looks forward to working with you.
Founder/CEO of BIOTOPE
Kunitake Saso